Newsletter 003 Column Iwate prefectureEnglish

This month is about Iwate Prefecture.


I will write 2 editions about Iwate that will be distributed this month and next month.
First Edition: Morioka, Iwaizumi, Tono
Second Edition: Miyako, Hanamaki, Hiraizumi

Morioka Station.
Morioka is the capital of Iwate prefecture. It is also famous as a livable land.


Former Iwate bank.
This is place looks similar to Tokyo Station.


Morioka Castle Park. There is no building such as a castle tower but Ishigaki (Stone wall) is splendid. I remembered that I rolled down the frozen slope when I went to Morioka on New Year’s Day,


Kaiun bridge. I took this picture when I went there on New Year’s Day.
It is also called “twice crying bridge”. When a businessman visit Morioka from the metropolitan and crossed the bridge, he felt sad as “I came far away.”
For the second time it is hard for him to leave Morioka because Morioka is a livable city . So he felt sad.


After taking a walk in Morioka, I rented a car and went to Ryusendo cave.
Ryusendo is one of the three biggest caves in Japan. 
Others: Akiyoshido(Yamaguchi) and Ryugado(Kochi)



Deep underground lake.
I thought..
How deep is it?


Next spot is Tono.
Tono station.


There are Kappa (Water imp) in front of the station.
Tono has a traditional Tono story and this is famous for youkai (Japanese monster) such as Kappa.


View of Tono. I went to Kappa lake.
The surroundings are fields and mountains. 
I felt that youkai really seems possible to come out.


Kappa lake is at the back of this temple.
The temple is also a traditional old building.


Kappa Lake. It was smaller than I thought.
There was a fishing rod on which the cucumber was baited. Anyone can challenge Kappa fishing by purchasing a Kappa catching license (100 yen).
I went to the fishing line.
I want to catch a Kappa and become famous!


· · · But I did not catch any.
After giving up Kappa fishing, I went to the traditional pavilion.
It looks scary if I go out at night.


A doll welcomed me when I entered the room.
I felt it was slightly creepy.


I walked in a corridor where there was no sound.


The moment I entered I felt terrible
Is this a curse ritual!?


If you look closer, their wish was written on this cloth.
It seems that it was not a cursed place. It was a place to ask for an invitation.
I am sorry for being scared, despite a good place.

Next, I went to Nabekura castle ruins of Tono city.


Seven Lucky God greeted me.


View of Tono on the ruin.


Looking forward to hearing from you!