Newsletter 004 Column Iwate prefectureEnglish

This month is also about Iwate Prefecture.

I went to Joudogahama(浄土ヶ浜), Japan’s leading scenic spot in Miyako.
I began to be fascinated by the scenery from a distance, and upon approaching I was fascinated by the clarity of the water. Sensibly, I had the impression that as if I visited Kuju-Kuu Bay in Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture.

I was fascinated by the scenery from a distance. When I saw it nearby, I was fascinated by the crystal clear water.

On my way to Miyako station after leaving Jodogahama, I saw a place that shook my mind.
This area is greatly affected by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
It was around 4 years after the earthquake when I visited here, but still many scars remained. I saw someone who is doing reconstruction work.

Miyako station of Sanriku Railway has a cute design.
After taking a walk and enjoying the scenery of the town, I went to Hanamaki next.

Hanamaki Station is a stylish station building. It seems that it is made by imagining a “Night on the Galactic Railroad” by Kenji Miyazawa (a Japanese literature)

While walking, I found Hanamaki Castle Ruins.
There is only one gate in the west, it is a park.

I found a mysterious signboard!
It says “English COAST”.
I was apprehensive when I saw this.
Therefore, I followed the arrow.

It was just an ordinary river. However, when I saw the guide board, I learned that it was not just a river. “English Coast” was named by Kenji Miyazawa (famous Japanese Literary writer) because it resembled the British Dover he visited.
It is also a model of the Purioshion coast in ” Night on the Galactic Railroad ” by Kenji Miyazawa.

When I got back to the station I could see the airplane tracks in the sky.

I stayed at “Kitakami” on this day and went to Hiraizumi after observing Suwa Shrine.
The station building also has a nice design here.

I went to Chusonji first.
Speaking of Hiraizumi, it is two choices of Chusonji or Motsuji.

Chusonji is a temple in the mountain and goes up a slope all the way through the entrance.
It was a sunny blue sky that day and the temperature is calm.
I went forward with a pleasant hiking mood.
There was a statue of Matsuo Basho. He is a famous poet by the “Oku no hosomichi” .

I entered Konjikido which is the main event.
This is a world heritage.
Because photography was prohibited inside, please see the photographs on the website of Chusonji. It is dazzling even when looking at the pictures, but it was more captivating seeing the real thing lol

Chusonji website ©Chusonji

I leaft Konjikido and walked along a side street. When I looked around, the private houses were quietly standing.

Last place I visited in Iwate Prefecture is Moetsu-temple.

Sakura was blooming beautifully.

This is a historical place that is said to have been built in A.D 850.

The water garden also had a comfort and elegance feel.

Lastly, I ate the potato croquettes at the shop in front of the station.

This is the end of this month’s column.
Thank you for reading!

Thank you again for this year.
I hope to see you next year.
Wishing you a good year ahead!