Newsletter 005 Column Miyazaki prefecture English

This month topic is about Miyazaki prefecture.

If you live in Tokyo or Osaka, you may not be familiar with Miyazaki.
I had a unique impression when I visited Miyazaki at once.

Miyazaki station building is very unique. there are phoenix trees in the surrounding area.

I went to Udo Shrine by bus. There was a shrine in the cave.

I remembered that I forgot to check the return bus time.
I examined it.

The time is now at 17 o’clock.
The last bus bound for Miyazaki Station at 16:40.
…What !?

It is difficult to walk from here to Miyazaki station….

By further examination, I knew the last bus in the direction of Yuzu station is at 17:10. I was able to get on the bus. It was dangerous. 

Next, I went to Aoshima Shrine. I could not see it because the time was late.
Too Bad. (; ;)

I returned Miyazaki station and I was looking for dinnar.

I found Miyazaki beef steak.
Price 5000 yen.

Should I eat it or save it?
This is a problem ….

As a result of thinking, I ate.
It was delicious.

Next day, I went to Miyazaki Shrine.
I was surprised that the chicken was walking on the premises.

Miyazaki Shrine.

After that, I went to a nearby park.
Climbing the hill of the park, what I saw in the eyes ….

I felt an illusion as if I had gotten into the land of a different world.
It was a building with impact, not too Japanese, not suitable for the place.
The name is “Ametsuchi no motohashira”

There were a lot of Haniwa near the tower.
IT is felt that the HANIWA were used to protect the dead, 300BC-710AD.
Miyazaki seems to be a place where a lot of Haniwa are excavated.

If you look closely well, Haniwa is a tasty face.

It was a park that made me feel ancient civilization.


Thank you for your reading.