Newsletter 006 Column Yamaguchi prefecture English

This topic is the day when I spent Yamaguchi prefecture on 31st. December 2017.

I used a car rental. First I went to “Tsuno-shima Ohashi (Ohashi means bridge) ” .

The bridge is characterized by its lower height, resulted from taking surrounding scenery into consideration.

Next, I went to Motonosumi Inari shrine. This shrine is a unique shrine situated in the city of Nagato. It is famous for its over 100 red torii gates that lead up a cliff overlooking the Japan Sea, and for the impressive view of the contrasting colors of the red torii gates, the blue sky and ocean and the surrounding greenery.

There is Senjojiki near the shrine. 

Senjojiki is the place of grassy plain opening in Plateau of 333m above sea level.


Next, I went to Hagi city.

Hagi is a historic city and a famous for Meiji-Ishin (revolution).

There is Hagi castle ruin, old Samurai residence, Shoin shrine and so on.



I went to Shimonoseki-town after Hagi.

I ate Fugu (blowfish). It’s good taste.


And then, I went to Shimonoseki Aquarium.


New Year’s Eve Dolphin Show event was hold by it.


I had a fun and celebrated the New Year.