Newsletter 007 Column Shiga prefecture English

Newsletter 007 Column Shiga prefecture English

Shiga prefecture is famous for Lake Biwa. However, there are also many historical sights.

  1. Azuchi castle ruins

I visited Azuchi when Azuchi station was commemorating 100th anniversary. The town is well known for the ruins of Azuchi Castle of Nobunaga Oda. He was ruler of Japan in the 16th century.


It was hot and sweaty.
A rice field spreads out. I felt a nostalgic.

I arrived Azuchi castle ruin.

There are only stone stairway and not a building but we have to pay 700 yen in the place. It was hard for me to climb a long stone stairway.

A small little Jizo.

View from the top of Azuchi mountain.


2-1. Hikone castle

When you leave the west entrance of Hikone station, you will see a bronze statue of Naomasa Ii and Hikone castle. Naomasa was a Sengoku daimyo.

Hikone castle


Japanese garden – Genkyu-en

2-2. Sawayama castle museum

If you leave the east entrance of Hikone station, You will see only the street and mountains. But there is an old art museum.


Before Ii entered Hikone, Mitsunari Ishida was ruled this area. This museum seems to be made by imitating Mitsunari’s castle.

3 Nagahama

When you leave Nagahama station, you will find a bronze statue of Hideyoshi and Mitsunari. Hideyoshi Toyotomi was a preeminent daimyō and politician of the Sengoku period.

A cityscape leaving good old landscapes. I forgot to take a picture, but this area has become a tourist area, and various sweets such as dumplings and ice cream are sold.

Nagahama castle

I saw the scenery from the castle tower and saw a fantastic scenersy.


Two cats were playing in the park in front of the castle.

I was healed.