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Column No. 002 Hokkaido –  Hokkaido the day ambition is lost

This story is about a year and half years ago.  I left my previous job and was unemployed.  Having nothing to do, I indulged myself in traveling all over Japan.  I spent 2 weeks in traveling Hokkaido and Tohoku area.  In this edition, I would like to talk about the 3 spots in Hokkaido that I visited then.


The first spot ☆ Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

About 40 min bus ride from Sapporo station, you can arrive at Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill.  As you can imagine from the name of place, it is a meadow with a lot of sheep running around cheerfully.  But that is not all you can see there.  There is a man of greatness.  That is Dr. Clark who is famous for his words “boys be ambitious”.


With a glance of this scenery, I thought, “No wonder why you feel ambitious!”


From the hill, you can see Sapporo Dome, too.

Feeling ambitious, I got energy and positive mind.  I started walking in the meadow to see the happy sheep.  And all the sudden, a sign on the coop jumped into my eyes.


 “Sheep are currently inside of the stable.”


I couldn’t help looking at the sign one more time.I carefully read it one more time.

 “Sheep are currently inside of the stable.”


That was why there weren’t any sheep around me. I couldn’t see any sheep after all.

My mind has changed a bit after all this.

Ambitious me downgraded to only teeny-weeny ambitious me.

The second spot☆Moerenuma Park

I keep moving forward even though I couldn’t see any sheep.

I went to Moerenuma Park which is about 1 hour away from Sapporo station by subway and bus.  It is the park designed by World -famous sculptor, Isamu Noguchi.  It took 20 years to complete the construction of this park.  


I saw a hill in the park and people climbing up the hill.  I decided to go up the hill.


As it was cool, I reached the top of the hill without sweating.  Wind was blowing hard.  There was nothing to stop the wind up on the hill.  Receiving all the wind pressure, I almost got blown away.  I walked looking down to protect my eyes from the wind pressure.  I didn’t see anything but my foot till I reach the top. 


When I saw the scenery, my heart pounded with the overwhelming perspective of the world.

The sky ahead of me was faint light blue.  Above the light blue sky, the color of the sky gets darker blue and navy blue.  When I looked right overheard, I felt the grandeur of the world and felt like I was falling.  I still remember clearly that my knees were shaking then. 

Just seeing the sky from the hill, I could see the earth is a spherical planet. 


I cannot express this feeling with the photos.  If you had a chance to visit Sapporo, I strongly recommend Moerenuma Park.  You, too would think this way.  “There’s nothing I need to be afraid of!”  That is what I thought even though I was unemployed.

My mind has changed after all this.

Teeny-weeny ambitious me upgraded to a man of great ambition

The second spot☆ Mt. Moiwa, one of the 3 best night view spots in Japan

After I transformed myself into a man of great ambition, I didn’t feel tired and kept moving forward.  I headed to Mt. Moiwa by a tram.


Mt. Moiwa got newly chosen for the 3 best night view spots after defeating Hakodate.


At the entrance of the ropeway, the mascot of Mt. Moiwa welcomed me.


There were so many couples around me, but I did not care because I was a man of great ambition.  I excitedly lined up to ride on the ropeway.

 “Gosh!  He is alone.”

“Sh!  He can hear you!”

I took a deep breath.  I checked the line of the people waiting for the ropeway.  From the very front to where I was, strangely enough, it was only me who was there without a company.  I calmed down and used my deductive powers.  This was probably the moment that I used my brain most in my life.  And here is the conclusion. 

The word spoken by somebody earlier.

“Gosh!  He is alone.”

Surely, it was about me.  What a heck!

But the true hell is not the time when I was waiting for the ropeway.  The true hell is when I was inside of the ropeway.  I am not going to write the detail of the hell because I can shed my tears just remembering back then.  My heart was so damaged.

My mind has changed again after this experience.

A man of great ambition became a man of no ambition.

Despite all the sad and humiliating experiences, I reached the top of Mt. Moiwa.  There is a place for couples to exchange their vows.  This must be the reason why all the couples come here.  I am frustrated.


When the Sun set, I saw the spectacular view!



What a view!  I remembered about other best spots for the night view.  As for Nagasaki, the night view was sort of 3D effect picture and I thought it was like a starry sky in the universe.  The night view of Kobe was nice in terms of the contrast with the sea.  The night view of Sapporo was genuinely powerful. 

This is the end of the story of me who lost ambition.  After a week later of this trip, I received a revelation from a Japanese serow.  And as the result, I joined this company, TES-AMM JAPAN.  I will tell you more about this in a different episode.

Bonus photos.

This is the food I ate in Sapporo.



Miso Ramen


Aburi Miso Ramen


I visited various spots in Hokkaido other than the places I mentioned above.

In Sapporo, I went to Kaitakumura, Hokkaido university, Sapporo Dome, Hokkaido Shrine, Sapporo Clock Tower.  Other than Sapporo, I went to Shinchitose airport, Otaru, Kuchan, Oshamambe and Hakodate.  I wish I could tell you all the episodes about the places I visited in Hokkaido, but if I did, it will be a long one.  So, maybe another time!

Looking forward to hearing from you!