Two years after the establishment of the headquarters in Singapore, TES-AMM JAPAN was established in 2007. At the time of establishment, we were only conducting collection of used IT equipment and Basel exporting to headquarters in Singapore as our main business model.
However it has been procuring IT equipment, kitting, deployment, decommissioning, engineer field work, data destruction, reuse and recycling in present. We perform LCM operation according to customer needs.
We design the best solutions based on the four main components such as security, compliance, traceability, and environmental impact reduction in response to various requests from customers, and provide our services in 22 countries, 33 locations worldwide as well as in Japan.

As symbolized by the words "A company is its people", TES-AMM JAPAN has talented employees who always try to respond to customers with sincerity, compassion and practice the corporate philosophy of "thinking from the customer's point of view".
In addition, the number of female employees has reached 40% in the company, so we perform in a bright atmosphere and are filled with smiles.

At the end, we will continue to focus on continuous growth, sound financial management, productive cooperation, research and development, innovative promotion, thus we will be dedicated to improve corporate value with customer satisfactions and high technology.
We will be considerate of customers and strive for providing our best services and social contribution.

Kunihiko Ozawa