National Large-scale Maker Company F 180,000 Employees(Kanagawa Prefecture)

Service Outline

PC Destruction / Data Deletion as the main request alongside asset management services.

Customer Issue

The yearly cost to manage and dispose of the large amount of PC’s, monitors and accessories in a company just keeps increasing.

For this after calculations they needed over 400 computers to be disposed of as well as the data on them deleted prior to disposal.

However they were worried of human error due to the large amount of computers going through the process.

Industrial waste meant that the HDDs had the chance to cause data leaks which also caused some unease.

TES Solution

We were contracted as professionals to undertake the disposal of this client’s precious electrical equipment, for this we used various asset management skills to ensure the most effective method of disposal for the electrical devices.

First of all our asset management was for the inspection of said products, and then to confirm which ones needed to be disposed of through the list they provided, even if there were some devices which we were not meant to take we take the highest level of care handling them meaning they can be returned immediately.Furthermore, to lower the cost of the destruction of these we also underwent data deletion, confirmed and then had an inspection for further confirmation whilst reporting every step to the client in question being completely transparent.

Not only this but thanks to are global network we can always find the best solution to delete the data efficiently and effectively.

Client Merit

・Compression of cost for the management and reuse for disposal

・Complete assurance for all traceability reports