Large Medical Company Company G

Service Outline

We helped with moving their office to a new location.

Customer Issue

This client had a moving of office due to an international reorganization meaning they had to move all of their items to a new place.

TES Solution

For a server decommission a lot of specific knowledge is required, here at TES we have professionals for every job including this one, this allowed us to offer an all-in-one service from the decommission of the servers to the moving of all the equipment.

Furthermore, we had a project manager that was able to speak English meaning no translation work needed to be done further supporting and lowering the burden on the client.

From the disposal of used electrical equipment to the recycling and moving of other equipment we were successful in lowering the cost and also time taken to do the job smoothly.

Client Merit

・Everything from removal to relocation

・Lowering of client burden thanks to an all-inclusive service