When putting new equipment into the office, there is a need to not disrupt the workers in their daily routines.
Here at TES, we sort out the planning and project management so that we can do the deployment of new equipment without disrupting anything and whilst maintaining productivity.

Equipment Setup・Removal


We will do all of the new equipment asset registration, settings and setup. Furthermore, all of the removal and packing of the equipment you used up until now will be done by us.

All of the waste caused when doing construction (Cardboard boxes and plastic wrap etc) will all be sorted out by TES meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.



We will support you with every single step you need from disposal of equipment to the recycling of said products. Asset management, maintenance and replacement are a given, we will also help you with any of the moving you need for said equipment.

Please leave all of the annoying work to us and allow yourself to be at ease knowing everything will be done correctly.

Business trip asset inspection / reporting


Here at TES, we will ensure to record and manage your asset information such as your location (site / building etc), maker, model, serial number, qualifications and more, this is so that we can ensure the best asset management support possible.

Asset Management


For problems such as “We have excessive amounts of equipment we don’t use but nowhere to but it”, we offer you the ability to store 5 of your machines in our warehouse.

We will also do the shipment and disposal of anything you need.