Through proper recycling we aim to reduce the burden on the environment as well as return the profit to the customer.
Different to other companies, our company takes care of everything solving all the issues present. We are able to re-use or recycle every piece of electrical equipment without any land reclamation.
We have “Material Purchasing / Disposal”, “Part Supply” and “Recycle Bin Rental”.

Material Purchasing / Disposal


After disposing of data on electrical equipment, we are reusing the equipment itself.

This allows us to only charge for the disposal of data from equipment and return the profits to the customer.

Part Supply
Supply of parts


We can search for essential parts for makers from over 34 different locations in over 22 different countries.

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Recycle Bin Rental


For a safer and more stress-free way of storing HDDs or other devices that store memory you can use our sage and secure recycle bins.

・Our box can store over 300 desktop computers all with HDDs
・It is secured with a strong padlock, and the only people with access to the keys are TESS-AMM and the customer.
・Tracking is available via GPS for further security.