American NASDAQL Listed Company Japanese Solid-state Maker (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Service Outline

We offered them the ability to recycle their blue chips.



This customer is a huge company that is undergoing global recycling activities.

They needed to destroy small chips that are 5mm on all four sides and needed some kind of appropriate way of doing so without risk but were quite troubled.

Using something such as industrial waste had a large risk of information being leaked as well as the lack of tracing meaning they were quite uneasy.

TES Solution

For this the TES group which has over 30 locations around Asia can even offer a solution to a multinational company.

For this case specifically, the chips which were 10g each needed a specific method needed to have good traceability which included our shipment process as well as pictures of the employees undergoing said transport and even the weighing of the products.

We then sent the parcel of the contents to our recycling center in Singapore. The warehouse in Singapore then disposed of the items through chemical processing before sending a proof document after finishing.

This is just one of the ways in which we completely protect our customers IP’s, with perfect traceability allowing for no anxiety what-so-ever.

Client Merit

・Environmentally Friendly Recycling

・Proof of destruction submission

・Lowers the cost of global management