Large-scale data center company Y(Kanto Area)

Service Outline

We underwent HDD shredding on-site.


Customer Issue

Every year at a large data center there is a huge change in the amount of HDDs, with this there are many problems that arise with how to go about disposing of the old HDDs.

Sometimes there are over 1000 HDDs that have to be disposed of in one go which means a high level of security must be maintained at all times to protect said data.

There was a large risk if they wanted to take the HDDs off-site which made them uneasy so they wanted to destroy and delete everything on-site.

TES Solution

TES is a professional company when it comes to the disposal of electrical equipment meaning we can deal with any kind of security level through the use of various different methods.

For this we had to be accurate, effective and most of all safe so we used the shredding machine to dispose of a lot of HDDs at the same time.

This shredder is quiet and energy efficient whilst keeping dust to a low and being able to crush things into 1mm pieces. Furthermore, there is no way data could be leaked via something such as HDD scanning or through camera functions.

Client Merit

・High security levels due to the disposal being due via perforation

・A shredding service where the location doesn’t matter