Large Makers Company X (Tokyo)


We underwent on-site data deletion for over 150 HDD’s for 10’s of different device.


Customer’s issue

The customer was leasing their server.

The lease was almost up and they needed to return the device, for this they needed to completely delete the memory on the devices.

The amount on the HDD requested was a lot, meaning that there was a chance of the data being able to be recovered, meaning they were quite worried to send it off-site.

Since they had to return the device as well as the HDD they couldn’t destroy it via perforation, they had no way to be able to delete the data completely and safely.

TES Solution

Our company is able to offer any and all solutions when it comes to safely deleting data from any kind of media device.

In this case, we sent out a professional engineer to the site of the customers company and had him use various appropriate devices which are used by the American Ministry of Defense as a standard to be able to undergo the deletion within range of security cameras and in front of the client to ensure no leaks of data.

Thanks to this, the client avoided having to pay extra fees for the HDD being broke as well as paying for a contract breach.

Client’s merits

・Pro Engineer for complete data deletion

・Evidence Submissions

・Substitute HDDs which can’t have data deleted for things such as lease repayments