We are offering an all-in-on solution for disposing of your IT equipment. Our solutions includes various different processes all managed by us such as the sending, inspection and testing as well as the repair, data sanitization and valuation.

Secured Delivery


We follow the requests of the customer to ensure ease of mind and confidentiality when performing our various services such as transporting your important items and data. We place the items into a specially created case and ensure they are electronically locked away from anyone but us. This isn’t a lock that can be picked so you can rest at ease knowing your data is safe. We further ensure the safety of the product through ensuring that it is never left alone. This allows us to lower the risk of anything happening exponentially. Please leave all of your needs to us, we will ensure to inform you of any updates including once the data has arrived on our property.
We have a very strict adherence to the rules of both your company and building when we are working with you.
・Being completely quiet during the time we are working in your office
・Various protective layers to ensure no damage during transport
・The use of a GPS allowing us to always track where the data is



We will create a list for you asking for the various different things that are required such as the serial number, model, specs, asset information etc.

As requested, we will also send out a document with proof of deletion for data deletion requests. We also offer other options including sending a picture of the hard drive after they have been disposed of.

Data Deletion / Disposal


We will safely and completely delete all data requested from us. Our Data deletion uses NIST 800-88 (American National Institute of Standards and Technology) and DoD 52 20.22 (American Department Of Defence Standard).

We have various different types of data destruction including magnetism, shredding and crushing; we will use the most appropriate one for you and listen to your requests.

Also we will ensure you don’t have any disks in your disk drive etc. to ensure all information is safe without worry of anything private being leaked.

MAR(Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher)


We are a PC restoration company also, we sell cheap windows licenses that have been recognized by Microsoft.Please also leave all the installation to us, we will take care of it all.

We are recognized as a company that has sold over 1000 refurbished PC’s and received the 2015 Asia top sales award.