When you’re moving to another location, if there is a need for your data to be deleted, then you can leave it all to TES were we have multiple different effective methods to delete said data such as perforation, magnetism, or shredding etc we also have on-site data deletion options.

Data Deletion・Data Destruction


We are also offering software data deletion.

This uses NIST 800-88 Standard (A standard more thorough than the US department of Defense 5220-22-M standard) which overwrites data at an amazingly effective level, we guarantee we can overwrite the entirety of the data with 100% accuracy. For drives that for some reason cannot be overwritten, we will take them and crush them to ensure your data’s safety. Lastly, we will ensure to send proof to you via documentation that the data has been deleted.

Perforation Destruction

This is where we use pins to put more and more pressure onto the hard drive until it breaks.

We use 4 pins for hard drives and 40 pins for SSDs.

Destruction via magnetism

Through the use of huge amounts of magnetism, we can destroy a hard disk completely meaning there is no way to use the storage of the device or recover it in any way shape or form. This has a huge level of safety when it comes to destruction of data.

This also makes it so that we can delete a huge amount of data in a short amount of time.



This is something we can do on your facility, loading location or on the track where the item can be crushed / shredded.

We will adhere to your security policy and shredding size where we will offer you various options for you to choose from.