Ishikawa prefecture is famous for Kanazawa city.

Kanazawa station building.

Kanazawa city view.
Kanazawa local food. Kanazawa Curry.
I like it.



It is similar to Kyoto. The atmosphere since the sunset was better.



Kanazawa castle and Kenroku-en.
Kanazawa castle was in the park. When I walked on the grass, I felt comfortable with refreshing air. Kenrokuen is one of the three biggest gardens in Japan.
It is very wide. You can see various sceneries.


Ishikawa Prefecture has other interesting spots besides Kanazawa. I recommend you to rent a car.

There is Chirihama Nagisa Driveway in Noto. You can drive the beach here. I heard there are only three places on the beach road in the world. I enjoyed a completely different driving scene as usual.


Toward the north side, I went to places called “Yase no Dangai” and “Yoshitsune ship hiding” .


I arrived Wajima city.
There is Wajima which is famous as a town of craftworker.



The last thing to introduce is Tsukumo-wan.
Here is a recommended spot except for the poor access that the water is also crystal clear and the scenery is good.