Notice – delivery of mail magazine  2016.6.20

Upon the commencement of effective operation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Economic Area (EEA), we would like to seek an agreement from those people who are living in EEA and subscribing our mail magazine, with respect to the following points.

・The personal data, which has been acquired in relation to this mail magazine, shall only be used for the purpose of addressing the information receiver, i.e., addressee.

・The personal data shall be transferred to Japan and stored in Japan. Despite of the fact that the Japanese process has not yet been authenticated by EC of its sufficiency of data protection protocol, we make sure that those data would be properly handled and stored.

・The owner of such personal data has a right to demand the access to his/her personal data, correction of inaccurate personal data and put the limitation and/or suspension of data modification under the verification process.

Please register your E-mail for mail magazine, if you are agreeable with the above. Please note, such agreement can be withdrawn at anytime and such withdrawal does not affect the legal compliances of those data processing and/or data transfer, retroactively.

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